Tap into serious data management on Google Cloud

Saving on costs is one of many great benefits you get when you work with NetApp and Google Cloud. And our advanced cloud data services help fulfill the promise of cloud—faster and more easily—for even the most complex enterprise applications.

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Run your enterprise apps in Google Cloud

Don’t let fears of scalability, complex management, and data loss and downtime hold you back from migrating enterprise apps to the cloud.

Unlock value with tightly integrated solutions

Continuously automated and optimized infrastructure yields price, capacity, and performance benefits across your hybrid cloud.

Protect your data

Meet cloud mandates for uptime, availability, and security with built-in data protection features.

Why NetApp and Google Cloud

A relentless focus on customer success lies at the heart of our partnership

Together, we’ve helped customers dramatically reduce cloud storage spending, run apps in Google Cloud without rearchitecting, and optimize operations for scalability and speed. NetApp can help you unleash new levels of performance on Google Cloud.

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Migrate Windows workloads

Streamline deployment, runs apps faster, and scale on demand to meet the needs of demanding Windows workloads. Watch Windows migration highlights to learn more.


Run SAP on Google Cloud

To meet accelerated production needs, enterprise companies rely on the predictability of the leading shared file storage.

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Extend cloud-based backup and DR to your VMware environments

Get native, efficient, and secure protection of on-premises vSphere data with Google Cloud VMware Engine and NetApp® ONTAP® software. Shrink data footprints and network traffic, use secondary data for new production applications, and address the security requirements of hybrid cloud for backup and DR.

Watch this webinar with NetApp’s Geoffrey Tudor and Google Cloud’s Wade Holmes to learn how to protect on-premises VMware data.

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Get more from Google Cloud

NetApp and Google Cloud have created the ultimate toolkit of integrated services to help you manage your data and quickly migrate even the most complex enterprise applications.

Next steps

Whether you’re migrating Linux and Windows file shares or running accelerated analytics workloads, NetApp can help you harness Google Cloud advantages faster and at lower costs. Let’s get started.

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Take a test drive

Deploy to Google Cloud with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, a self-managed storage solution, or NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, a fully managed, cloud-native storage solution.

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Contact us

No matter what solutions, products, or services you’re interested in, we’d love to talk.

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Ready to roll?

Head to Google Cloud Marketplace and start simplifying how you migrate and run enterprise workloads.