Secure, fast, automated data synchronization

An easy-to-use cloud replication and synchronization service to rapidly transfer file and object data between on-premises and cloud data stores.

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About Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync is NetApp’s service for rapid and secure data synchronization. Whether you need to transfer files between on-premises or cloud NFS or CIFS file shares, Amazon S3 object format, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage or NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale appliance, Cloud Sync moves the files where you need them quickly and securely.

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Data migration

Move and synchronize your file or object data between any platform or object storage.

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Big data analytics

Solve your data-driven business decisions with cloud analytics.


Onboard cloud environments

Convert and copy your file-based datasets to the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync gives you what you need to move and migrate data across your hybrid cloud environment.
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Simple and seamless

Our intuitive web-based GUI and APIs allow you to easily establish sync cycles based on the schedule you set, moving only deltas.

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Secure and reliable

Your data remains within your security boundaries. We help you keep track with enterprise-class monitoring, auditing and reporting.

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Fast and cost effective

Enjoy continuous sync of large workloads and immediate data access with a simple, on-demand resource.

How does Cloud Sync compare to AWS DataSync?

You have options for moving data to AWS. We have made it easy to compare the features and pricing for each service.

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