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Why NetApp Cloud Tiering service

NetApp Cloud Tiering service extends your on-premises ONTAP storage to the cloud by combining your ONTAP SSD storage with a low-cost object storage of your choice. Cloud Tiering efficiently manages your storage pool by seamlessly placing your data at the right tier at the right time, based on its usage, without compromising on manageability and performance.

Tiered data is always visible and fully accessible for use without any changes to the application layer. Whenever tiered data is requested, it is brought back to the performance tier for optimal use.

Cloud tiering by the numbers

  • Optimize your storage and save an average of 70%.
  • Extend your capacity and save up to 50 times more space.
  • Reduce your TCO and save an average of 42% in costs.
  • Gain efficiency with exactly zero refactoring of your application layers.
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How it works

Infrequently accessed data blocks are moved to cloud-based object storage, while frequently accessed data blocks remain on local SSDs.

Step 1: Discover

Automatically discover your on-premises ONTAP® storage and connect it to the object storage service of your choice.

Step 2: Tier

Associate tiering policies to your volumes and data is placed at the right tier at the right time based on its usage.

Step 3: Manage

Manage, monitor, and gain visibility into your savings. Sit back and enjoy the cloud.

Benefits of cloud tiering

Cloud tiering turns the challenging process of identifying and moving infrequently accessed data to an automatic and seamless process with zero changes to the application layer.

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Manage data growth

Efficiently manage data growth by combining on-premises storage with the cloud, without interrupting your applications.

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Minimize high-value storage cost

Tier 80% or more of your cold data to highly durable and low-cost cloud object storage.

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Support new projects

Optimize usage and reclaim SSD storage to make room for new projects.

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Flexible operations

Define your own policies to seamlessly migrate only the data that you want to store in the cloud.

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Lower TCO

Use a pay-as-you-go subscription or yearly licenses to reduce the up-front costs of future purchases.

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Simple management

With an easy-to-use UI, you can automate configuration, monitor and report service usage, and optimize policy configuration.

Connecting the on-prem device to object storage on AWS allows us to not only save money but also scale our on-prem environments.

Marcus Masching, Head of IT Computing Services, Festo

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Start tiering to your choice of cloud

Review our documentation to learn how to tier cold data to your choice of cloud object storage.

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NetApp and AWS maintain a proven partnership to deliver agile, secure, and flexible data services for your most demanding cloud requirements.

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Google Cloud

NetApp extends the reach of its world-class data services to Google Cloud’s innovative leadership in application development, analytics, and machine learning.

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Microsoft Azure

Together, NetApp and Microsoft help you deliver leading NetApp® cloud data services as your own for a seamless experience that customers expect from the cloud.

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