Managing persistent storage. It's kind of our thing

The best way to manage the Kubernetes application lifecycle in any cloud; easily protect, backup, and migrate your Kubernetes applications and their persistent storage.

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Application and data management for Kubernetes

Astra Control unlocks the power of Kubernetes to accelerate developer agility, drive business productivity and enhance IT operational efficiencies.

Astra Control will allow you to easily automate backup and restore of your data or migrate your applications from one Kubernetes cluster to another in a multi-cloud environment.

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Astra Control from NetApp

Learn about the challenges organizations face with persistent data when adopting containers and Kubernetes.

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A Kubernetes application data lifecycle fully managed service that simplifies operations for data-rich stateful applications in public clouds and on-premises data centers.

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Build a Cloud Native operation with Astra Control

Astra Control delivers a rich set of application-aware data management functionality for running business-critical Kubernetes applications.  

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The promise of stateful applications in the cloud: A new era for Kubernetes

A perspective from NetApp’s Sayan Saha on the challenges of Kubernetes and NetApp’s vision for enterprise-class data services for stateful, cloud-native applications with any Kubernetes distribution on any cloud.

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Having managed data rich stateful applications on Kubernetes and knowing the complexity involved, we're thrilled to have NetApp’s Astra service to simplify operations for small and large deployments alike.

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow and VP of Platform & Services Architecture, DreamWorks Animation

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