Hybrid cloud solutions: Unify, simplify, innovate-ify

NetApp helps you build a unified data fabric between your data center and choice of clouds with silly-simplified management, limitless flexibility to adapt as your needs change, and the relaxing sounds of a hybrid cloud humming at peak efficiency.

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Why NetApp for hybrid cloud?

What if you could move your data and workloads wherever you wanted while managing everything with ease, security, agility and compliance? Enter NetApp. We give you the freedom to choose your cloud and build it as your own. So, no matter where your data and workloads live today—some in the cloud and some in your data center—we make your hybrid cloud hum.

Our relentless pursuit of hybrid cloud utopia

NetApp never stops pushing to deliver a solid foundation for your hybrid cloud with groundbreaking platforms like FlexPod. Next, enhancements to products like Cloud Manager simplify your hybrid cloud management even more. Our new Keystone Flex Subscription gives you added financial flexibility no matter how you use cloud. And finally, we make it easy to take advantage of our data fabric expertise. Yup, we're betting big on your hybrid cloud success.

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Key hybrid cloud elements

No matter how often your hybrid cloud strategy changes or evolves, our solutions deliver everything necessary for a flexible hybrid cloud environment, including infrastructure freedom, a unified control plane, consumption flexibility, and a solid data management strategy.

To all your apps, data, on-prem environments, and the world’s biggest clouds, we simply ask, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Like the weather, infrastructure needs are hard to predict. With NetApp, it doesn’t matter what clouds you use, where your workloads live, or how often your hybrid cloud strategy changes. With hybrid cloud foundations that create a simple, easy-to-manage data fabric, our solutions are designed to meet your cost and performance needs, no matter what they happen to be…or where they happen to be.

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Transform hybrid cloud complexity into hybrid cloud confidence

What good is the perfect hybrid cloud destination if your IT staff gets lost and tired along the way? NetApp simplifies management of your hybrid cloud with a centralized, unified control plane for a clear view into your data and storage infrastructure at all times. Our tools simplify the hybrid cloud equation so you can manage, monitor, and optimize your entire data fabric with ease. Visibility? Yep. Insights? Plenty. Compliance? Ready to roll.

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Transform the way you build, manage, license, and pay for hybrid cloud­—on prem, in the cloud, all on your terms  

If financial flexibility is how you like to travel, NetApp is your first class ticket. We offer simple monthly subscriptions for storage as a service on premises, in the public cloud, or next to it. Go ahead, use OPEX instead of CAPEX, manage it yourself or we’ll manage it for you. Your onramp to cloud just got a whole lot simpler, faster, and less costly.

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Build your hybrid cloud with intention, performance, confidence, and a NetApp ace (or two) up your sleeve

With a solid hybrid cloud data management strategy, you always know where your data is, where it needs to be, and why… no matter where it lives across your hybrid cloud. Our specialists and services have the strategic guidance you need to put it all together, including cloud design workshops, data migration services, managed services, consulting, and support.

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Dow Jones

Dow Jones builds a hybrid cloud for their data fabric to help deliver news the world demands.

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Siemens builds one unified hybrid cloud environment with data tiering to reduce complexity in medical imaging manufacturing.

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Ducati’s hybrid cloud environment delivers performance and an elevated customer experience.

Use cases

Whether migrating data and production applications or extending your data center for backup and recovery, it’s important to move fast without creating more complexity. That’s exactly what your data fabric from NetApp allows you to do.

Data protection in the cloud done right

Whether leveraging the cloud for protecting production workload data or creating complete secondary DR environments for business continuity, you need solutions that deliver. Our automation capabilities and a consolidated management and monitoring view provide you with an integrated user experience and consistent storage layer across your entire backup and DR environment.

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Move it to the cloud without moving a muscle

Use the public cloud to move cold data to a less-expensive capacity tier while freeing up higher performance storage space on premise. NetApp solutions enable automated tiering from on-premises storage to the cloud, as well as a consistent storage layer with a single console for ease of management and monitoring across your hybrid environment.

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The only consistency is change

You may decide to run some production workloads on premises while running others side-by-side in the public cloud. Or perhaps you’ll want to shift workloads to different platform as your business needs change. NetApp gives you the flexibility to optimize your workloads with ease via a consistent storage layer and a common control plane for monitoring, managing, moving, and controlling workloads across your hybrid cloud. 

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Your data is safe with us

Putting sensitive data in the public cloud delivers cost, performance, scale, portability, and availability advantages, but it requires a rigorous approach to security and compliance. NetApp operates with a consistent data encryption methodology on premises and in the cloud to ensure your data is as safe and secure as possible. And our Cloud Data Sense services provide you with a simple way of maintaining governance and compliance across your hybrid cloud.

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NetApp Keystone: Lower the risk, increase the liberation

NetApp® Keystone offers flexible pay-as-you-go cloud consumption models, whether you build or buy, on your premises or in the public cloud. And always on your own terms.

Unlock the best of cloud

We were asked by the world's biggest hyperscalers—Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM—to build data management and storage solutions in their clouds because of our success, reliability, and uptime.

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Everything you need to make your hybrid cloud hum

Our portfolio of hybrid cloud solutions give you the freedom to build your hybrid cloud at the right price and performance to meet the demands of your ever-changing hybrid cloud needs. A wide range of hybrid cloud management tools makes it simple to discover, integrate, automate, optimize, protect, and secure your data everywhere. And our data fabric specialists and services will help you put it all together with ease.

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