VMware Hybrid Cloud Solutions

NetApp and VMware: better together! Join over 18,000 world-leading businesses who rely upon the experience and innovation of this partnership to modernize both data and application infrastructure.

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Proven and trusted solutions from NetApp & VMware

Your apps, your data, your choice. Your future.

For over 15 years NetApp and VMware defined the industry for the virtualized data center creating the most trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions while unlocking the full speed, efficiency and cost savings of your virtualized applications.

Our solutions enable you to modernize your IT environment and create a unified data fabric that seamlessly integrates your hybrid infrastructure no matter where you put your applications and workloads.

Leading analytics software company that offers credit scoring services for over 30 million customers.

Simple implementation of a unified infrastructure with extreme performance with NetApp.


North Carolina insurance provider servicing over 3.8 million members.

Accelerated transition to the cloud creating a fully containerized platform with NetApp.


Global bi-tech & pharma clinical trial, including the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Public cloud agility on-premises, ICON accelerates clinical trials with NetApp.


160% ROI in year 1 for VMware VDI

70% lower cost of running VMware on AWS

75% lower latencies

5-30X lower storage costs for VMware workloads

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Data center evolution

Modernize your VMware infrastructure with NetApp cloud-connected, multi-protocol NVMe Flash.

Leverage NetApp ONTAP data efficiencies, including no-penalty Snapshots and FlexClones, inline compression and deduplication.

Manage your virtual data fabric with ease across vSphere, VCF, VSA, vSAN using NetApp native integration with vVols, VAAI, vRO, vRA, SRM, SRA to simplify operations.

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Seamless hybrid cloud

Wherever you are in your hybrid cloud journey for VMware, NetApp can help.

Leverage integration between VMware VCF and NetApp Cloud Volumes to extend the same value of NetApp ONTAP into the cloud - automatically and intelligently tiering cloud workloads to get the best cost/performance ratios.

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Faster app delivery

Build, run and manage new cloud applications or modernize existing applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

NetApp’s Trident Cloud Storage Interface and Cloud Volumes deliver dynamic and persistent storage. Simplified provisioning and integrations with VCF and VMware Tanzu deliver a simple platform to meet the flexible needs of containerized applications.

From best practices to migration made simple

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All Flash FAS

Simplify configuration and management for VMware with the best-in-class application integration

Consolidate with FlexPod

Simplify and accelerate your deployments with an ideal solution for shared workloads.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Enterprise grade storage in the cloud.


Streamline backup management. Deliver integrated data protection for VMware.

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