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"Make it more complex" are not words you will hear from your IT teams. Make life easier with tangible, time-saving benefits for front-line IT staff. With the NetApp ONTAP ecosystem you can achieve operational efficiency across your entire ecosystem, from edge, to core, to hybrid cloud.

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Installation, setup, and updates

Less than 10 minutes from power-on to serving data for SAN, NAS, and object. Access to one click firmware updates and automatic cluster updates.

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App integration and data protection

Less than 2 minutes to provision storage with Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and VMware vSphere. Less than 5 minutes to clone any database and less than 4 steps for continuous availability.

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Running, optimizing, and security

Automatically monitor system health for availability, capacity, and security with one click to resolve issues and tune performance utilizing Active IQ.

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Cloud integration

Less than 5 minutes to build a hybrid cloud. Less than 2 minutes to set up cloud backups of your on-prem data. Automatically tier cold data to public clouds and StorageGRID object storage solutions.

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Choose happiness, choose the ONTAP ecosystem

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Traditional IT management tools

Slow and error-prone

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Simplicity365 ONTAP ecosystem

Nimble, fast, and happy
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Cut time drastically, or fully automate your team’s daily tasks. Easily deploy, optimize, and cloudize

  • Deploy and protect new applications
  • Optimize your storage environment
  • Integrate new cloud resources

Real-world customers benefiting from ONTAP ecosystem efficiencies

The simplicity to get up and running but also the level of advanced features available.

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Excellent storage arrays which requires basic skills to provision and administer the storage. Rolling upgrades are very simple without any major outage.

Senior infrastructure engineer

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The simple manageability of the product and the ability to integrate with your existing frameworks such as monitoring e.g. Splunk and WFA integration with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow.

IT Manager

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NetApp ONTAP ecosystem

Delivering operational efficiency at the edge, core, and cloud


Minutes, not hours: Automate configuration management with certified Ansible modules

Hybrid Cloud

 Simplify your hybrid cloud with NetApp ONTAP

Storage systems

Check out AFF and FAS, our industry-leading storage systems

NetApp StorageGRID

Smart, fast, and future-proof object storage


Flexible payment solutions and storage as a service: NetApp Keystone

NetApp is investing in the holistic customer experience. With Simplicity365 and the ONTAP ecosystem, NetApp’s goal is to lighten the load for IT operations teams by delivering operational efficiency for edge, core and hybrid cloud deployments.

Eric Burgener, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC.

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