Anthos solutions: Cloud-native experience, on premises

Why run Google Cloud’s Anthos on NetApp® HCI? How does independent scaling of compute and storage, persistent data, guaranteed performance through QoS, and simplified management sound?

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Why NetApp HCI for Anthos?

Flexibility, scalability, availability, everywhere

When running Google Cloud’s Anthos on NetApp HCI, you get “write once, run anywhere” app flexibility with persistent data available across your hybrid cloud infrastructure. It delivers a cloud-native experience on-premises with a hybrid cloud infrastructure that can scale capacity and compute independently.

The NetApp HCI cloud-native on-premises infrastructure is fully tested and certified with Google Anthos. NetApp® Element® software and automated deployment provide a true hybrid multicloud experience so that your IT team can deliver on-demand performance, scalability, and simplicity by using the NetApp quality-of-service (QoS) and disaggregated architecture.

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NetApp HCI for Anthos

Google Cloud’s Anthos is a hybrid cloud Kubernetes data center solution. Run Anthos on NetApp HCI to deliver independent scaling of compute and storage, guaranteed performance through QoS, and simplified management. Build and manage your virtualized and containerized workloads on a single platform.

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Cloud-native experience, on premises

NetApp HCI for Google Cloud’s Anthos provides an easy-to-manage, enterprise-scale foundation for DevOps and PaaS. Optimize data performance and effectively control your data in any environment.

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Fulfill "write once, run anywhere" app flexibility

Get peace of mind with a validated hybrid cloud platform that’s fully tested and clearly documented. Anthos services deliver benefits for development, migration, operations, and security.

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Primary use cases

Start your transformation with data, connected to your cloud, then accelerated for your business.

Hybrid Cloud

Build and manage modern hybrid applications on premises or in the cloud

Kubernetes Container Orchestration and Microservices

A performant, scalable and easy-to-manage platform for leading Kubernetes distributions

PaaS and DevOps

Boost your development process with virtualized and containerized workloads on a single platform

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